The Historic Places Database is a Web-based, free-content database project that allows anyone to add and review information about historic places.  The database contains information on each historic place and is linked to a map that shows the location of the place.  The goal of this project is to allow people to easily find out about any historic place that may interest them.

The Historic Places Database contains a listing of places registered on the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places for the entire United States. This information is a starting point for adding additional information about historic places. Anyone can add content to existing records on this website, or start a new record about a place not yet in the database. Everyone is encouraged to add information, even if it is not complete, to a blank form that is modeled after the form used by the National Register of Historic Places.   This information will be displayed for public information purposes only. Privately contributed information will not be used by Historic Places Database to officially register historic places. However, contributed information is public information, and can be used by others to register a historic place if they so desire.

No specialized knowledge is required in order to add information to this database.  The strength of this database is with the information that people already have on historic places within the local area that may not be readily known by others.  Because this database has just started as of May 2008, the information stored in the database will continue to grow.  The more people who add content to this project, the more useful this database will become for people interested in historic places.

The database is set up in a way that adding and removing content can be corrected at any time, so that if you make a mistake it is easily correctable.

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