Historic places in West virginia

Historic name Location
Abell--Kilbourn House 1018 Winchester Ave., Martinsburg, WV
Abney--Alexander House 101 Abney Cir., Charleston, WV
Adaland Co. Rd. 77/5 off WV 76 at Fox Grape Run, Berryberg, WV
African Zion Baptist Church 4104 Malden Dr., Malden, WV
Agnes Howard Hall West Virginia Wesleyan College Campus, Buckhannon, WV
Albert and Liberal Arts Halls Davis and Elkins College campus, Elkins, WV
Alberts Chapel U.S. 119/33, Sand Ridge, WV
Alderson Bridge Monroe St. across the Greenbrier R., Alderson, WV
Alderson Historic District Roughly, along Monroe St., Riverview Dr., Railroad Ave. and adjacent streets, Alderson, WV
Algoma Coal and Coke Company Store Co. Rt. 17, Algoma, WV
Allemong, Christian, House 35 Hardestry Rd., Summit Point, WV
Allen, Judge J. W. F., House South Fork Rd., Moorefield, WV
Allstadt House and Ordinary Jct. of U.S. 340 and CR 27, Harper's Ferry, WV
Altamont Hotel 110 Fayette Ave, Fayetteville, WV
Altona WV 51 W of Charles Town, Charles Town, WV
Ambrose Chapel Winchester Grade Rd., Stotlers Crossroads, WV
Anderson, D. I. B., Farm 3333 Collins Ferry Rd., Morgantown, WV
Andrews Methodist Church E. Main St. between St. John and Luzader Sts., Grafton, WV
Annamede RD 1, Box 126, US 19, Walkersville, WV
Apollo Theatre 128 E. Martin St, Martinsburg, WV

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