Historic places in Washington

Historic name Location
12th Avenue South Bridge 12th Ave., S. over Dearborn St., Seattle, WA
1411 Fourth Avenue Building 1411 Fourth Ave., Seattle, WA
14th Avenue South Bridge Spans Duwamish River, Seattle, WA
Adair, William and Estella, Farm 27929 NE 100th St., Carnation, WA
Adams School 2637 N.W. Sixty-second St., Seattle, WA
Adjutant General's Residence Camp Murray, Tacoma, WA
Admiral Theater 2343 California Ave. SW., Seattle, WA
ADVENTURESS Lake Union Drydock, Seattle, WA
Aftermath Clubhouse 1300 Broadway, Bellingham, WA
Agate Pass Bridge WA 305 over Agate Passage, Suquamish, WA
Agen Warehouse 1201 Western Ave., Seattle, WA
Aircraft Warning Service Observation Tower 216 Spring Rd., Agnew, WA
Alaska Trade Building 1915--1919 1st Ave., Seattle, WA
Albers Brothers Mill 1821 Dock St., Tacoma, WA
Alderbrook Farmhouse Point Lawrence Rd., Doe Bay, WA
Alderton School 9512 Orting Hwy., E., Alderton, WA
Allen--Beals House 726 S. Percival, Olympia, WA
Allen, Horatio and Laura, Farm 28704 NE Cherry Valley Rd., Duvall, WA
Allen House Hotel 114--118 N. Jefferson, Olympia, WA
Almira Hotel 3 N. Third Ave., Almira, WA

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