Historic places in Virgin islands

Historic name Location
Annaberg Historic District NW of Coral Bay, Leinster Bay, VI
Bethlehem Historic District: Old and New Works King's Quarter, Christiansted, VI
Bethlehem Middle Works Historic District King's Quarter, Christiansted, VI
Bordeaux W of Charlotte Amalie, Charlotte Amalie, VI
Brown Bay Plantation Historic District N of Palestina, Brown Bay, VI
Catherineberg-Jockumsdahl-Herman Farm E of Cruz Bay, Cruz Bay, VI
Charlotte Amalie Historic District Roughly bounded by Nytvaer, Berg and Government Hills, Bjebre Gade and St. Thomas Harbor, Charlotte Amalie, VI
Christiansted Historic District Roughly bounded by Christiansted Harbor, New, Peter's Farm Hospital, and West Sts., Christiansted, VI
Christiansted National Historic Site Bounded by King, Queen, and Queens Cross Sts. and Christiansted Harbor, Christiansted, VI
Cinnamon Bay Plantation NE of Cruz Bay on Cinnamon Bay, Cruz Bay, VI
Coakley Bay Estate E of Christiansted, Christiansted, VI
Columbus Landing Site E of Greig Hill on Salt River Bay, Salt River Bay, VI
Danish West India and Guinea Company Warehouse Church and Company Sts., Christiansted, VI
Dennis Bay Historic District NE of Cruz Bay off North Shore Rd., Dennis Bay, VI
Diamond School W of Christiansted on Centerline Rd., Christiansted, VI
Emmaus Moravian Church and Manse W of Palestina, Coral Bay, VI
Enighed Cruz Bay Quarter, Cruz Bay, VI
Estate Beverhoudt 1.5 mi. E. of Cruz Bay off Center Line Rd., Cruz Bay, VI
Estate Botany Bay W of Charlotte Amalie, Charlotte Amalie, VI
Estate Brewers Bay 2 mi. (3.2 km) W of Charlotte Amalie at Brewers Bay, Charlotte Amalie, VI

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