Historic places in South dakota

Historic name Location
Aberdeen Commercial Historic District 1--523 S. Main St., Aberdeen, SD
Aberdeen Highlands Historic District Both sides of N. Main from 12th to 15th Ave., NE, Aberdeen, SD
Aberdeen Historic District Both sides of 3rd--6th Aves. and Jay, Kline and Arch Sts., Aberdeen, SD
Adams, E. C., House 604 N. Maple, Watertown, SD
Aggergaard Manor Thompson St., Irene, SD
Ainsworth, Oliver N., House 340 Kansas, Spearfish, SD
All Saints Historic District Roughly Main to 2nd Ave. from 14th to 23rd Sts., and 18th to 21st Sts. to 5th Ave., Sioux Falls, SD
All Saints School Main Building 101 W. 17th St., Sioux Falls, SD
Alpena Bathhouse and Swimming Pool Jct. of Fifth and Main, Alpena, SD
Anderson Barn 19411 394th St., Hitchcock, SD
Anderson, Dr. Andrew, House 416 E 2nd St., Canton, SD
Anderson Homestead E of Hub City, Hub City, SD
Anderson, John F., House 323 N. Duff, Mitchell, SD
Andre, William, House 31256 452nd Ave., Gayville, SD
Appleby Atlas Elevator 6 mi. S of jct. of US 212 and I 29, Watertown, SD
Armory, Old, --Vermillion 414 E. Clark St., Vermillion, SD
Armour Historic District Main St. between 3rd and 7th Sts., Armour, SD
Ashcroft, Thomas, Ranch Floodplain of South Fork of Grand River, ENE of Buffalo, Buffalo, SD
Ashley Shanty and Privy RR1, Box 100, Pukwana, SD
Ashton Methodist Church NE corner of 2nd Ave. and 2nd St., Ashton, SD

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