Historic places in New mexico

Historic name Location
1908 Clovis City Hall and Fire Station 308 Pile St., Clovis, NM
Abandoned Route 66--Cuervo to NM 156 Cuervo SW to jct. with NM 156, Cuervo, NM
Abenicio Salazar Historic District U.S. 85, Bernalillo, NM
Abo 3 mi. W of Abo on U.S. 60, Abo, NM
Abo Elementary School and Fallout Shelter 1802 Center Ave., Artesia, NM
Abrams, H. D., House 403 N. Church St., Aztec, NM
Acequia Madre Roughly from Gallinas River to intersection of S. Pacific and US 85, Las Vegas, NM
Acequia System of El Rancho de las Golondrinas 12 mi. SE of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM
Acklin Store NM 90, San Lorenzo, NM
Acoma 13 mi. S of Casa Blanca on NM 23, Casa Blanca, NM
Acord, John, House W. Main St., Artesia, NM
Administration Building S side of University Pl. and campus green., ENMU, Portales, NM
Administration Building 1900 N. White Sands Blvd., NMSVH, Alamogordo, NM
Aguayo Family Homestead Tortolita Canyon, W of Nogal, Nogal, NM
Ailman, H. B., House 314 W. Broadway, Silver City, NM
Air Science NE corner of N. Horseshoe and Espina St., NMSU, Las Cruces, NM
Alameda-Depot Historic District Includes properties centered around Pioneer Park and extending up Alameda Blvd., Las Cruces, NM
Alamogordo Woman's Club SE corner of 12th St. and Indiana Ave., Alamogordo, NM
Alarid, Ricardo, House 534 Alarid St., Santa Fe, NM
Albuquerque Municipal Airport Building, Old 2920 Yale Blvd. SE., Albuquerque, NM

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