Historic places in New hampshire

Historic name Location
2 1/2 Beacon Street 2 1/2 Beacon St., Concord, NH
Abbot House 1 Abbott Sq., Nashua, NH
Abenaki Indian Shop and Camp Intervale Crossroad, 1 mi. E of NH 16, Conway, NH
Acre (The) S of lower Harrisville village at S-curve in road to Dublin, Harrisville, NH
Acworth Congregational Church N end of town common, Acworth, NH
Acworth Silsby Library Intersection of Cold Pond and Lynn Hill Rds., Acworth, NH
Adams, Dr. Daniel, House 324 Main St., Keene, NH
Adams Farm Off MacVeagh Rd. near Fansnacloich, Harrisville, NH
Adams, John, Homestead--Wellscroft W of Sunset Hill Rd., Harrisville, NH
Adams Memorial Building West Broadway, Derry, NH
Adams, Moses, Farm MacVeagh Rd., Harrisville, NH
Aldrich, Benjamin, Homestead E terminus of Aldrich Rd., 0.46 E of Piper Hill, Colbrook, NH
Aldworth Manor On hill above IP-14, N side of Chesham-Harrisville Rd., Harrisville, NH
Allenstown Meeting House Deerfield Rd., Allenstown, NH
Allison, Capt. Samuel, House Keene Rd., Dublin, NH
All Saints' Church 51 Concord St., Peterborough, NH
Alton Bay Railroad Station NH 11, Alton, NH
Amherst Village Historic District NH 101 and NH 122, Amherst, NH
Amory--Appel Cottage Off Old Troy Rd., Dublin, NH
Amory Ballroom Off Old Troy Rd., Dublin, NH

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