Historic places in Massachusetts

Historic name Location
1767 Milestones Between Boston and Springfield along Old Post Rd., Springfield, MA
1790 House 827 Main St., Woburn, MA
Abbot, Asa and Sylvester, House 15-17 Andover Rd., Andover, MA
Abbot-Baker House 5 Argilla Rd., Andover, MA
Abbot-Battles House 31 Lowell St., Andover, MA
Abbot, Benjamin, House 9 Andover St., Andover, MA
Abbot, Edwin, House 1 Follen St., Cambridge, MA
Abbot Hall Washington Sq., Marblehead, MA
Abbot, J. T., House 34 Essex St., Andover, MA
Abbotsford 300 Walnut Ave., Boston, MA
Abbot--Stinson House 6 Stinson Rd., Andover, MA
Abbot Tavern 70 Elm St., Andover, MA
Abbott Street School 36 Abbott St., Worcester, MA
Aborn, John, House 41 Orchard St., Cambridge, MA
Academie Brochu 29 Pine St., Southbridge, MA
Academy Building S. Main St., Fall River, MA
Academy Hill Historic District MA 28, Andover, MA
Academy Historic District Mountain Rd., Main and Faculty Sts., Wilbraham, MA
Ace Art Company 24 Gould St., Reading, MA
Acton Centre Historic District Main St., Wood and Woodbur Lanes, Newton, Concord, and Nagog Hill Rds., Acton, MA

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