Historic places in Illinois

Historic name Location
7th District Police Station 943--949 W. Maxwell St., Chicago, IL
Abbey Garth Apartments 400--412 Lee and 940 Judson, Evanston, IL
Abbott, Robert S., House 4742 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr., Chicago, IL
Adams Building 139-141 N. Vermilion St., Danville, IL
Adams, Mary W., House 1923 Lake Ave., Highland Park, IL
Adams Memorial Library 9th St., Wheaton, IL
Addams, John H., Homestead 425 N. Mill St., Cedarville, IL
Adler, David, Estate 1700 N Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville, IL
Adler, Mrs. Isaac D., House 1480 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville, IL
Adler Planetarium 1300 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL
AF and AM Lodge 687, Orangeville 203 W. High St., Orangeville, IL
Agnew, Dr. Frank M., House SE of Makanda on SR 12, Makanda, IL
Airtight Bridge NE of Charleston, Charleston, IL
Akin, Mrs. Henry F., House 901 S. 8th Ave., Maywood, IL
Alexis Opera House 101--105 N. Main St., Alexis, IL
Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church 902 Broadway, Lincoln, IL
Allen School 301 Main St., LaMoille, IL
Allentown Union Hall 2 mi. E of IL 121, Allentown, IL
Allen, Willis, House 514 S. Market St., Marion, IL
Allerton, Robert, Estate 515 Old Timber Rd., Monticello, IL

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