Historic places in Fed. states

Historic name Location
Catholic Belltower Catholic Mission, Kolonia (Ponape), FM
Chief Agriculturist House Kolonia, Kolonia (Ponape), FM
German Cemetery Kolonia, Kolonia (Ponape), FM
Japanese Army Headquarters Roro, Dublon Island (Truk), FM
Japanese Hydro-electric Power Plant Kolonia, Kolonia (Ponape), FM
Japanese Lighthouse Allei Island, Puluwat Atoll (Truk), FM
Japanese Shrine Kolonia, Kolonia (Ponape), FM
Japenese Artillery Road and Pohndolap Area Sokehs, Sokehs (Ponape), FM
Japenese Elementary School for Ponapean Children Kolonia, Kolonia (Ponape), FM
Nan Madol E side of Temwen Island, Temwen Island, FM
O'Keefe's Island Near Colonia, Colonia (Yap), FM
Rull Men's Meetinghouse Rull, Balebat (Yap), FM
Sokehs Mass Grave Site Kolonia, Kolonia (Ponape), FM
Spanish Fort Colonia, Colonia (Yap), FM
Spanish Wall Litkin Kel, Kolonia (Ponape), FM
St. Xavier Academy Winipis, Moen Island (Truk), FM
Tonnachau Mountain Iras, Moen Island (Truk), FM
Tonotan Guns and Caves Nantaku, Moen Island (Truk), FM
Truk Lagoon Underwater Fleet, Truk Atoll Truk Lagoon, Truk, FM
Wiichen Men's Meetinghouse Peniesene, Moen Island (Truk), FM

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