Historic places in Arizona

Historic name Location
10 Cottages on Short Street 117--126 Short, Nogales, AZ
1931 Tempe Bridge Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ
59th Avenue Residential Historic District West side 59th Ave. bet. Orangewood Ave. and Frier Dr., Glendale, AZ
6th Avenue Hotel-Windsor Hotel 546 W. Adams, Phoenix, AZ
915 E. Pierce Street/Grand Pyramid House 915 E. Pierce St., Phoenix, AZ
Abandoned Route 66, Ash Fork Hill N of I-40 between Ash Fork and Williams, Ash Fork, AZ
Abandoned Route 66, Parks (1921) W of Parks, Parks, AZ
Abandoned Route 66, Parks (1931) E of Parks, Parks, AZ
Acadia Ranch AZ 77, Oracle, AZ
Ackel, Salim, House 94 E. Monte Vista Rd., Phoenix, AZ
Adams School 800 W. Adams St, Phoenix, AZ
Adams, W. E., House 1014 S. 1st Ave., Phoenix, AZ
Administration/Science Building ASU Campus (Bldg. 11), Tempe, AZ
Agua Caliente Ranch Rural Historic Landscape 12325 E. Roger Rd., Tucson, AZ
Air Force Facility Missile Site 8 (571-7) Military Reservation 1580 W. Duval Mine Rd., Green Valley, AZ
Ajo Townsite Historic District Blks. 1 through 31, Ajo, AZ
Alchesay Canyon Bridge AZ 88 over Alchesay Canyon, milepost 241.1, Roosevelt, AZ
Alhambra Hotel 43 S. Macdonald, Mesa, AZ
Allentown Bridge Indian Rt. 9402 over Puerco River, milepost 9.1, Houck, AZ
All Saint's Church AZ 77, Oracle, AZ

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