Historic places in American samoa

Historic name Location
Aasu Near the village of Aasu, Aasu, AS
Atauloma Girls School W edge of Afao, Afao, AS
Blunts Point Naval Gun Matautu Ridge, Pago Pago, AS
Breakers Point Naval Guns Breakers Point, Lauli'i, AS
Church of the Immaculate Conception Bounded by main rd.on S & the presbytery on N, Lepua, AS
Courthouse of American Samoa Near Pago Pago Harbor, Fagatogo, AS
Fagalele Boys School S of Leone, Leone, AS
Government House Togotogo Ridge, Pago Pago, AS
Navy Building 38 Pago Pago Harbor, Fagatogo, AS
Navy Building 43 Pago Pago Harbor, Fagatogo, AS
Satala Cemetery AS 1, W of Satala, Lalopua, AS
Thompson, Sadie, Building along main road., Malaloa, AS
US Naval Station Tutuila Historic District Between Togotogo Ridge and W side of Pago Pago Harbor, on waterfronts of Fagatogo and Utulei villages, Fagatogo and Utulei, AS
Vatia, Old Above Vatai Village SW of AS 15, Vatia Village, AS

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