Historic places in Alabama

Historic name Location
22nd Avenue Baptist Church 2614 22nd Ave. N, Birmingham, AL
Ackerville Baptist Church of Christ AL 89, Ackerville, AL
Adams Grove Presbyterian Church S side of Cahaba-Greenville Rd., Cahaba, AL
Aderholdt's Mill Aderholdt's Mill Rd., Jacksonville, AL
Agee House 1804 Twelfth Ave. S, Birmingham, AL
Age-Herald Building 2107 5th Ave. N, Birmingham, AL
Airmount Grave Shelter N side of AL 5, 0.5 mi. W of Cty Line, Thomasville, AL
Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University Historic District Chase Rd., Normal, AL
Alabama Builders' Hardware Manufacturing Company 204 Eighth St. NE, Fort Payne, AL
Alabama Builder's Hardware Manufacturing Company Complex (Boundary Increase) 203--204 8th St., NE., Fort Payne, AL
Alabama City Library 1 Cabot Ave., Gadsden, AL
Alabama City Wall Street Historic District Roughly along Wall St., from Norris Ave. to Meighan Blvd., Gadsden, AL
Alabama Girls' Industrial School Bounded by Middle Campus Dr., Oak, Bloch and Middle Sts., Montevallo, AL
Alabama Great Southern Railroad Passenger Depot NE 5th St., Fort Payne, AL
Alabama Insane, Hospital University Blvd., Tuscaloosa, AL
Alabama Iron Works S of Russellville off U.S. 43, Russellville, AL
Alabama Midland Railway Depot Midland St., Ashford, AL
Alabama Penny Savings Bank 310 18th St. N, Birmingham, AL
Alabama State Capitol Goat Hill, E end of Dexter Ave., Montgomery, AL
Alabama State Penitentiary NE of Wetumpka on US 231, Wetumpka, AL

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