Historic places in Alaska

Historic name Location
Adak Army Base and Adak Naval Operating Station Roughly bounded by Cape Adagdak, Scabbard Bay, and Shagak Bay, Adak Station, AK
A. E. C. Cottage No. 23 618 Christensen Dr., Anchorage, AK
Agricultural Experiment Station Barn 614 Egan Way, Kodiak, AK
Ahrens--Fox Continental Fire Engine City Museum, Valdez, AK
Alaska Central Railroad: Tunnel No. 1 N of Seward, Seward, AK
Alaska Engineering Commission Cottage No. 25 645 W. Third Ave., Anchorage, AK
Alaska Governor's Mansion 716 Calhoun St., Juneau, AK
Alaska House 1003 Cushman St., Fairbanks, AK
Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall Katlean St., Sitka, AK
Alaska Nellie's Homestead Mile 23, Seward Hwy., Lawing, AK
Alaskan Hotel 167 S. Franklin St., Juneau, AK
Alaska Steam Laundry 174 S. Franklin St., Juneau, AK
Alaska Totems Between Park and Deermount Aves., Ketchikan, AK
Alexander Lake Shelter Cabin Admiralty Island National Monument, Angoon, AK
Alex, Mike, Cabin Off AK 1, Eklutna, AK
Aluakpak Location unknown at this time, Wainright, AK
American Cemetery Upper Mill Bay, Kodiak, AK
American Flag Raising Site Castle Hill, Sitka, AK
Anchorage Cemetery 535 E. 9th Ave., Anchorage, AK
Anchorage City Hall 524 W. 4th Ave., Anchorage, AK

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