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Los Angeles Plaza Historic District

The Los Angeles Plaza Historic District, also known as El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Park, is a historic district located at the oldest section of Los Angeles, known for many years as "El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles". The district, centered on the old plaza, was the city's center und... More...

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Link to official data

2011-03-06 09:16:02 UTC Posted by vida

The National Park Service is scanning the official National Register of Historic Places forms for each listed property. To see the scanned form for a property, go to the documentation tab and click on "NPS PDF File."

Add Your Historic Place

2008-08-20 21:37:00 UTC Posted by vida

Now when you add a historic place, it will be featured on the home page. Click on the Add New Historic Place link and fill in as much information as you want. You can also include as many photos as you want to one place entry. Let everyone know about your historic place.

Learn how to edit and add resources

2008-05-31 21:53:00 UTC Posted by vida

Here is our tutorial. It is simple to add entries and edit existing entries. Don't be afraid to contribute. We can always replace an entry with an older copy if something is accidentally deleted or modified.

Site Launched

2008-05-24 21:45:00 UTC Posted by vida

Data includes all National Register listed properties, excluding cultural resources listed only under Criterion D.

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